Petty or Peti-B Problems in the Elections of May 2013?

The elections in the Philippines have just been over for approximately 2 days. I think everyone is out in Facebook posting finger-lookin’ good pictures. I got no problem about that. It’s fine. One of my fellows said these are better selfies than those with wrecked-neck-duck-faces and a little arm indicating a handheld device. I could not agree more. Go on, it’s our right to vote! Flaunt it. It may even push someone who has lost faith in the Philippine government to use his/her right to suffrage. Not because of your cutie-patootie picture but the fact that Filipinos are proudly there to claim their right. Just saying.

I haven’t browsed in Facebook this long but the posts of friends intrigued me. Many different angles kept me questioning on how I would regard different angles into my perspective.

There was definitely a handful of pinpointing on how stupid the voters or the larger population/ masses were due to the loss of each one’s favored candidate. A crude judgment even I was practicing in my younger years in college. Having a socialist environment and attending some educational discussions seemed to validate the act of branding people as stupid and irresponsible. Now I see how incongruent it was with the principles I believed in then (which I do still believe in now, just not the people behind it).

We brand people as lowly when they sell their votes to “traditional” politicians or “trapos”. These people we call stupid are also the same people we say we fight for. I think we forgot that little fact, didn’t we? Some may be plainly ignorant not because they wanted it that way but may be because they had some other things to do, like work to eat at least once in that day? Doesn’t mean you’re dirt poor and you are ignorant. Careful. And, rich does not equate to educated either.

If indeed we claim to be educated, where were we to educate the ignorant? Is it not our duty to educate them? Why should it always be individuality that reigns? You do your thing and learn on your own and see you in the race. If you stumble, I can’t help you. I have my own struggles too, ya’ know? If you were born poor, work your way up. You are not working harder that’s why you remain poor until after 5 generations. You lazy Filipino! There should be a way. I will cheer for you while I’m on top. This attitude, will it help?

Given that people do not have the time and means to learn more about the candidates, how about us, have we made the time and means to tell them which will be good for everyone? In the first place, are we even sufficient sources of information? Not everyone will bother telling people pros and cons. We refuse to share the burden since we believe ours are already in excess. When people ask mundane questions, the only answer tends to be ‘Google it.’ I have no time to answer your stupid question since the answer is available everywhere. Available everywhere, you just have to find it. Everywhere is relative at this point. Your truths are not mine to own. But if I had the means to understand yours and you don’t, I will be more than willing to share you my truths and intertwine them with yours so I may show you what works for everyone.

Apathy will kill us. Your hard earned money from selling your exorbitant art or your highly elite intelligence will not feed the masses. Cheesy, huh? Do not even attempt to turn tables. This is not a romantic read.

I am being hypocritical; no, hypercritical. Before you think I am pointing fingers at you, let me remind you that I am talking to myself first. It is such a pain in the ass to question one’s self. The only advantage I get is that I judge myself even before other’s do. From where I come from, we missed the point. I do realize that some people are easy to influence and others are too difficult to even listen.

Another post I saw: why shouldn’t taxpayers be the only voters instead? At first thought, I said why not? Right? They have at least paid their taxes to the government, capable may be intellectually and are only nothing but rightful to claim it? These are the good, intellectual and critical citizens anyway. They can decide what is right for the nation. I was a click away from liking this status. Shoot me. I suggest you read that again if you agree. Boom! I just hit you on the head.

On second thought, if the masses were not able to pay their taxes, wouldn’t we find out first why, before we deplete yet another of their measly rights? Would that not result in inequality? Regardless of socio-economic status, the right to vote is for everyone. If the masses were not allowed to vote for the simple question of taxes, then why don’t we just create another country where everyone is rich, educated and elite? And the word ‘right’ should be replaced by ‘privilege’ instead. Then we begin making our own needles to weeding our own rice? Now, you brand me as unreasonable and illogical. 


More so, who are we to brand ourselves educated, learned and nothing but rightful to any intellectual gathering? Who are we (the few) to decide what is beneficial even for the masses? Have we decided to climb up and leave the rest below? Are we on the side of the tyrants up there? (No point in referring to the social triangle. It’s common sense. Now, it’s prejudiced.) Operation: Abort Masses. Leaving democracy. Entering oligarchy. [read in sci-fi voice] Why do we have such right to question the masses who sell their vote for the amount that would not even last a month to sustain them? Have we missed to look beyond the act? Is it remotely possible that a person sells his vote just for tripping? S/he sells his vote to mess up the nation. Or is it purely desperation to have a means of living for a single day? Where is the desperation coming from?





with great angst,

The Hypocrite

**There is never a safe side but you need to take sides or else you are at war on both sides. So many times I wanted to spit bad words into the post but I controlled myself. Who knows I might win a Nobel Peace prize for writing this. Now, that is stupid. *Slow clap, please.



The Keratosis Pilaris Experiment

A few months ago, I began searching for the home remedy for my Keratosis Pilaris. Keratosis Pilaris is a harmless skin condition that looks like goosebumps or chicken skin.Image It is harmless since it does not do anything bad to your health but it hell does look different if not ugly on your arms. I used to hate it. I even had a few dermatologists help me solve the problem. Most of them did the job but not to the extent I expected. It was frustrating to look at them at the end of the day. They disappeared after a few topical medications but since they are chronic, the tend to reappear after a treatment is stopped. The medications is quite expensive and unsustainable for me at the time. I did not get much support from my parents since it was not a priority to keep your skin sane unfortunately. 

So, I let go. I just accepted the fact that Keratosis Pilaris will be with me for most of my life. They said it goes away at around 50 years old, agonizing 50 damn years!. I have read that this is a condition of excessive keratinization in the body. Hence, I grow my hair and nails fast. That is the only advantage for excessive keratin. I can cut my hair and nails whenever I felt like it and they grew so fast I could not even have time to regret I cut them. Besides, it is a matter of mind set. You change the rules. Your notion of beauty decides your confidence.

I changed my mind, oh the healthy mind set I have..

Since I did not have to wear uniforms in my work, I was able to keep them. However, summer is already approaching and I cannot afford to wear cap sleeved t-shirts even. I get insecure but not so much. I still go out and went with it. Then a workmate asked what they are. I had to explain every time. I answered joyfully but in my deepest thoughts, I am annoyed that they have to be noticed. During this time, I had a huge recollection of everyone and anyone asking me what they are and how I managed to explain intelligently and seemingly comfortably about these little buggers. I tell them I just accepted that they are there. I refuse to submit to the social constructs of beauty!

Then, after a few delightful recollections, I admit that I want to get rid of them.

There you go. I searched for the perfect remedies on line. And I quit the dermas. They are no good. All they want is a sustainable source of money from me. Harsh, isn’t it? It is what it is. No apologies. Home remedy is the answer, my sustainable and cheap solution. 

Sources say, I need to have AHA’s and BHA’s. Alpha and beta hydroxyacids, that is. These can be found in lime and any from its family. I tried the Philippine lemon.Image It was annoying. It felt sticky during the night. Thank you for the especially humid air in the Philippines. I stopped using it since it may enhance the colour difference between my upper arm and lower arm. I needed something specifically targeting the bumps and not including the skin around it. I tried dry brushing with a loofah.Image It worked great in smoothing the bumps. I do this before I take a shower. The colour of the bumps are still there! Should it make sense that they are flat but visible. At least, they are flat. Nice progress, huh? I need a whitening agent or something tat could slough off these  bumps, literally. I searched even more. I found that glycerin/ glycolic acid plus a rose water can relieve them. I tried Glysolid.Image This is a skin product targeting callous feet and hands. It may work but, again, I cannot stand the stickiness. It bothers me!

Also, I found Vaseline Intensive Rescue Clinical Therapy, I didn’t last again. It was, guess what, sticky!Image

Then I read a miracle post somewhere. Someone has found coconut oil to be useful.Image It does take down these stubborn bumps. Also, sulfur soap can take remove them.Image

My Keratosis Pilaris are here to stay. You know why? Because I cannot commit to any of these remedies! I am impatient. I hate sticky stuff. I will never cure them!


Nah. Of course, it will take time. I will write an update soon. I can’t be relieved of my post just yet. 

I should write more techniques and what I have done to make it go away.

Tip: Keratosis Pilaris seem to go away in the summer or in hot weather.

I’m bored. BRBS.

Mascara: No Make-up Make-up Perfected


            If you have great skin and you prefer not putting on foundation, that’s fine. If there are a few blemishes here and there, conceal them and put finishing powder on them to last through the day. Real beauty, they say is natural but who can resist a little of enhancing of features? A sheer foundation, rosy pink lipgloss, pushed eyeliner, a tinge of blush and mascara won’t hurt. You may actually skip the foundation and blush if you are comfortable with your skin. The gloss, come on, even men put gloss in the cold/ warm weather, it is not just for beauty’s sake but for lip health! Next, mascara and eyeliner, these two will provide a great deal of difference in your look. I promise, you won’t regret. You may opt to choose either a waterproof or the regular one. If you live in the cold weather, you may use any but in the warmer months when you tend to sweat or even swim a lot, opt for the waterproof one. It is popular belief that formula and wand type affects greatly the effect to your eye lashes. Some would argue that a high end product will definitely not match up to drugstore mascara. I would say differently. The manner of application and technique will decide the course of either a great or disaster eye lash. Here are some tips to make sure your mascara looks natural and not clumpy at all. Put on the ends of your eye lashes a tiny, if not almost invisible, amount of clear mascara. Let dry for about a minute. Take your black mascara wand and shove it on the container making sure that there is lesser product in the wand. If it does not work, scrape off on a tissue. Apply from root to tip if you want volume on your bottom eye lashes and top lashes next; add 2-3 coats as well for extremely thin lashes. However, if your concern is length, apply only on the tips and make sure that there is no clumping. Take an eye lash curler, the best I must say is Shu Uemura’s but I personally use the Fanny Serrano eyelash curler; it is the perfect dupeImage. It is quite expensive but you can use other curlers, I just prefer the metal ones so I can heat them a little from my blow dryer to make a dramatic curl in seconds and no second curling.Image It saves me time especially in the morning. If you have a heated eye lash curler, better! By the way, there is no such thing as a curling mascara. I have not encountered any that would certainly replace an eye lash curler. Two of the representative products I use from a high end and drugstore one are: Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara and Maybelline Colossal Volume (waterproof) respectively.Image I personally think there is not a huge difference aside from the wand which does not give me so much use.Image I still stick on the same techniques and they work fine for me. Happy mascara hunting and practice every day to perfect that technique.

Of all people, I am not one to share my life especially on the internet. However, I found that this is inevitable. In my line of work today, it seems improbable to stay out of the internet. To make one hundred percent use of it, I better do something.  No one should condemn what I right. Besides, will anyone ever read this? It is like talking to myself, only it is published on line. Who knew that getting published today does not require a publisher or an editor? The idea is so liberating and yet so limiting at the same time. No one checks what content you have to write and share. There is less quality control but who cares, again, will anyone be reading this anyway?


Blessed in some way, I can write now. I will write what I want. I have the power to limit anything I write.


I opened this site in June 2011. That was the first time and quite the last for the year. In the year 2012, I did nothing. I was busy with other things; I call these other things the ‘real life’. I don’t refer to any job on the internet as real since there will be no Certificate of Employment, no real benefits (e.g. social security system or healthcare benefits). No one would really vouch for you if you were to sustain this kind of life. You are responsible for your own job. No superiors, no actual physical peers you can be in constant contact with or go out with. It seemed limiting in the progression of one’s career and alienating more than an assembly line. I always envied people who lived this ‘blogger’ life. Ironic, huh?  How can they be so human? When I read what they write, I couldn’t help but imagine how easy their life might be. Still, how do they process their thoughts? Do they just begin to write like I would? Do they make several drafts? Is it spontaneous? Impromptu? How would they speak in English if we had a conversation? Are they as good in speaking the language? So many questions come to mind.

The biggest question I have is: How do they know/ decide what to write in a day (especially if they write everyday)?

Aside from the fact that I am uncomfortable sharing my thoughts on the internet, I also find it difficult to decide what to write. If you are a consistent introvert like me, even writing about your thoughts is so exasperating. It is like forcing a mute to talk. I cannot decide on what to write. I always consider so many things before even typing anything. Will anyone be interested? Is it appropriate? Especially when I am at the peak of my emotions, I certainly write exquisitely. The words seem carefully crafted and knitted together when there is a huge amount of emotion involved. I feel like an artist who should find so much energy before beginning making art. At the most bland moments, however, I write, if not stupid, boring topics. (Like this one?)


I have been rambling for the past 3-5 paragraphs and I can feel that I am losing my point. I am still struggling within me if I should keep on writing and publish this or keep it again as a draft like those others hidden under the sofa.

I suppose, I have to publish and write more. I would like to see how much I can go forth. Soon, I shall find answers. If that happens, I will write about it. As I’ve seen, anything random is still well appreciated in this blog.


Quick response, I just found the answer. Topics can be decided just about any time. As I write this, I find that I can write about anything. Since I talk less, I can write more.


P.S. I look forward to my first real comment. (One that is not from Mr. wordpress I suppose.)




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